iSalePoint features

Different UI for Billing and Administration

Billing and Administration module are different applications. After all, they are used for different purposes. The Billing module has bigger fonts, and has options required only for the billing purpose.

Functionalities supported in billing module

  • Creating sale invoice
  • Vewing and editing invoices
  • Payment modes
  • Details of product

Functionalities supported by administration
  • All remaining
Management console handles all the inventory management.

As mentioned in previous section, the Administration module is reponsible for managing inventory. This isolates the people responsible for billing at the counter from inventory related tasks. Various inventory operations managed by the applications are

  • Managing Departments/Categories/Products
  • Creating of Purchase Order
  • Goods inward, for purchase order and one without purchase order
  • Goods movement between store and warehouse

Plugin based reporting

The report generators are plugins to the application. So, no more unnecessary reports on your application. If the user needs different types of reports he can download it without really installtig/pacthing the application. This also enables creating custom report generators. For the list of reports supported in this release, please have a look at the 'iSalePoint Report' topic in 'Screens and Documents' section on left side of the page.

Access controlled functionalities

The application requires a user to login. All the functionalities are access controlled. The menu items will not be accessible if the access restriction for the current user does not allow. The login can be enabled for RFID based access.

RFID and Barcode reader integrated

Support for RFID and barcode scanner is ready. RFID support is available for user login. Barcode support is available for product, and in fact almost all the places. Support for RFID will be added soon for billing module.


iSalePoint uses MySQL to store its data. MySQL is one of the popular open source database. MySQL is available for various platforms. This flavour does not use lot of resource. iSalePoint application and database can exists in one system and without any performance degradation.