iSalePoint does not need an installer. As it is developed 100% using java it does not use any operating system specific files. Download the zip file containing all the required files and run the application. For windows platform we have provided two launcher applications. The launcher applications, iSalePoint.exe and iSalePointAdmin.exe, does nothing but runs the java command to run the application. Launcher applications for Linux and Unix platform is under development. More details will be provided in the following sections.

Minimum requirements

iSalePoint has two set of requirements. One for iSalePoint application and one for MySQL database. Don't worry..!!. iSalePoint and MySQL DB runs happily together on a single system which has only 2GB free space and 512MB RAM. Anyway here is the recommened system configuration.

Hardware requirements

  • 2GB Hard disk space.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • Display with resolution of 1024x768
  • Network connectivity, if iSalePoint is used in a distributed environment.
  • Compatible printer
  • Please read MySQL installation document also for any specifc requirement.

Software requirements

  • Java 1.6 Update 14 or later
  • MySQL database 5.1

iSalePoint can be downloaded from isalepoint project home at For download loacation, please visit

The download location will have lot of files. The recommended download is This file contains all the required dependencies except MySQL database.

For more details goto DOWNLOADS page.


Install MySQL database first. Follow the MySQL installation instructions. No special parameters are required for iSalePoint. Standard installation with default values will work for iSalePoint. Do not forget the root password. We need it for iSalePoint configuration.

As you have already read, iSalePoint does not come with an installer. Download the zip file and extract the contents. You are ready to go.

Running for first time

After extracting the zip bundle, you will see the files required to run. As iSalePoint is a java based application, you can run it using standard java command.

iSalePoint admin application can be launched using the command;

java -Djava.ext.dirs=lib:lib/jasper -jar isalepoint.jar

iSalePoint POS application can be launched using the command;

java -Djava.ext.dirs=lib:lib/jasper -cp isalepoint.jar dm.jb.ui.billing.BillingLauncher

For Microsoft Windows operating system, we have provided a launcer application. Please run iSalePointAdmin.exe to run admin console and iSalePoint.exe to run POS application.

When you run any of these applications for the first time, it will start the configuration procedure. Please provide the information it is asking for. The root password for MySQL database is required to create the required user in the database. This password is needed only once. It will not be asked again and it will not be saved anywhere.

Once the configuration is complete, you will be asked to exit the application and launch it again to use the respective application. Login as admin user with password as admin. Change the password after you login.

No iSalePoint is ready to use